#SDF14 DESIGN RUMBLE: 'PERFORMANCE IN MOTION' STAGE / Occidental Avenue, September 2014 / Designed by a group of architects & fabricated and constructed by Schuchart/Dow / This project seeks to transform a singular, sound producing module (modeled after a cajon drum) into a portable stage. A simple, structural frame hosts the small, framed platforms (cajons) that serve as a performance surface, or a canopy, depending on how they are fitted into the frame. By building small, individual pieces that fit into a lightweight, demountable structure, the stage can be assembled quickly, and reconfigured to accomodate fu- ture sites. The stage is open on 3 sides, allowing the audience to view the performance from many angles. Canopy panels are faceted and reflective to allow the audience to see angles of the performance that they wouldn’t usu- ally experience, and to interact with the installed piece when it is not in use.