FURNITURE STUDIO: DESK / ARCH 504, Winter 2012 / Kimo Griggs, Penny Maulden, and Steven Withycombe, Instructors / This desk experiments with the materials wood and metal, as well as explores the concept of the (shifted)  fold and exposing a single corner. 'This studio requires that each student design, develop and finish a full‐scale piece of furniture. Each furniture piece will be an opportunity for architecture writ small; recognizing the studio is offered within an architecture program the process of design,design development, model‐making and production will not differ significantly from a building design studio. However the final result of the studio ‐ real, full‐scale objects ‐ changes a number of things. The physical consequences of design decisions and strategies is an inescapable reality, for example. Issues of craft, method, tolerance, and the ethics of making are also heightened.'