FIRST HILL MIXED USE / ARCH 503, Fall 2012 / Anthony Pellecchia, Instructor / The focus of this studio was to investigate the integration and coordination of building systems, as well as the flexibility to respond to market needs and future programs. The mixed-use facility in Seattle's First Hill neighborhood is somewhat experimental, with a non-specific program - providing opportunities for a wide variety of evolving uses and spatial configurations. Located at the NE corner of Seneca and Eighth, the 200,000 SF building connects the Town Hall to the Freeway Park beyond with direct access to the Park at ground level. This project contains a range of different size and height spaces and, depending on the user's needs, provides the option of joining spaces creating shifting floor configurations. To allow for maximum daylight and the best surrounding views, the project separates the site into three smaller zones that terrace downwards and provide access to roof decks at multiple levels.  The building's design is loosely inspired by the minimalist artwork of Donald Judd who had an 'autonomy and clarity for the constructed object and the space created by it.'