GEORGETOWN MAKER LAB / ARCH 501 (Tectonic), Winter 2011Elizabeth Golden, Instructor / Georgetown is Seattleʼs oldest industrial neighborhood; it has evolved from a site for small workshops, to a center for large industry, and it is now on the verge of redefining itself once again. Georgetown Maker Lab is a visionary organization that foresees a return to the small workshop model of production, but this time these spaces will be equipped with digital tools, have access to the internet, and will be run by the community, for the community. Conceptually, this project is based on a 'storage wall' that is offset from and responds to the existing brick wall fragment. Fabrication tools, projects, and systems alike are stored inside this wall. On one side of the 'storage wall' is a flexible, open floor plan that accommodates a variety of activities and encourages collaboration. On the other side of the wall is a large double-height workshop space that opens onto an outdoor covered area.