OMAN MATTALAG - HUGSKOTSKAPPING / Tórshavn,  Faroe Islands, 2013 / Henning Larsen Architects (Ósbjørn Jacobsen, lead architect) / A masterplan for a community and housing development in Tórshavn, the capitol and largest town of the Faroe Islands. Centered around a pond and area for children to play and people to gather, the masterplan features four separate buildings representing distinct types of multi-family housing typologies.

RIVERCITY / Gothenburg, Sweden, 2013 / Henning Larsen Architects, in collaboration with SLA and Social Action / Frihamnen is the first piece in the larger development of Gothenburg Rivercity. In this first phase, the coming century’s challenges for Gothenburg can be met and turned into opportunities. In a test-bed phased development of Frihamnen, present problems such as segregation and climate changes can be both addressed and solved. Throughout this process the primary question driving our response has been: What if Frihamnen could unify the diversity of Gothenburg and amplify all habitats? Addressing issues of content, density and scale, Team HLA_SLA has explored what kind of city Frihamnen could become in relation to its potential derived from square meters and user driven activities. Inputs from the other teams have been taken as conditions, giving structure to an overall disposition of content, density and scale.