CURATION EXPERIMENTATION: THE BLURRING OF ART & LIFE ALONG PORTLAND'S NORTH PARK BLOCKS / M.Arch Thesis, Fall 2012 / Thesis Committee: Elizabeth Golden (Chair) & Ken Oshima / This thesis examines the transformation and expansion of the art museum, and argues for a museum that is part 'shrine to the object' and part 'social condenser.'  Working within the context of Portland, Oregon’s North Park Blocks and reacting to the city’s flourishing, and a bit alternative, art culture, this thesis proposes a new type of art museum that aims to increase public accessibility to underutilized collections of art currently housed in multiple institutions by revealing these works through modes of visible storage and cross-curation.  At its core, this thesis addresses the evolving three-way relationship between the  public, art and architecture on numerous scales by blurring the edges between storage, exhibition and event.