COLLAGING THE CITY / Tranberg Master Studio: Landscape, Still Life, Portrait, Spring 2011 / Lene Tranberg (Copenhagen) & Peter Cohan, Instructors / This project proposes to connect the city to the water through the insertion of a series of spatial frames on vacant or underutilized sites in Pioneer Square. Inspired by the collage techniques used in Robert Rauschenberg’s combine paintings, this project explores new ways people can experience the city through spatial gestures and layering. Determined by a study of proportion, scale and relationships to context, the design proposes a series of six folding forms to be collaged onto the existing fabric of the city. These folded-plate concrete structures have a sculptural quality that will make people more aware of the city as they move through it. Each form folds in response to different surrounding urban conditions. The structures act as public pavilions whose forms not only create space but also frame views of the city and relate compositionally to one another. These forms can simply be space or they can be used for a myriad of cultural and social activities including screenings, concerts, or art installations involving light, sound, color and materials. Ranging between the experiential and physical, these added layers of use will change the way people engage with the city and allow them to experience these spaces at a number of different scales.